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Cholesterol: Poorest Foods (per portion)

Cholesterol is required to build and maintain membranes.

Detailed list (Foods quantities are per portion)
Bottom Cholesterol Rich Foods
0%0mggravy, mushroom, canned (60ml)
0%0mgsauce, barbecue, ready-to-serve (30ml)
0%0mgsalsa sauce (60ml)
0%0mgsauce, pepper, tabasco, ready-to-serve (5ml)
0%0mgcream of asparagus soup (250ml)
0%0mgbeef broth (250ml)
0%0mgchicken broth (250ml)
0%0mgmushroom soup (250ml)
0%0mgvegetable and beef soup (250ml)
0%0mgcream of vegetable soup (250ml)
0%0mgonion soup (250ml)
0%0mgsauces, mustard, brown, prepared, ready-to-serve (5ml)
0%0mgweetabix alpen (muesli) (30g)
0%0mgkellogg's bran flakes (30g)
0%0mgkellogg's crispix (30g)
0%0mgkellogg's corn flakes (30g)
0%0mgkellogg's froot loops (30g)
0%0mgweetabix (55g)
0%0mggeneral mills golden grahams (30g)
0%0mgkellogg's rice krispies (30g)
0%0mgkellogg's special k (30g)
0%0mgkellogg's corn pops (30g)
0%0mgquaker puffed wheat (15g)
0%0mgvinegar (15ml)
0%0mgkellogg's all bran (30g)
0%0mggeneral mills cheerios (30g)
0%0mgapple juice, canned or bottled, without added v... (250ml)
0%0mgapricot, raw (140g)
0%0mgapricot, canned halves with skin, water pack, s... (150ml)
0%0mgapricot, dried, sulphured, uncooked (40g)
0%0mgavocado (140g)
0%0mgblackberry, raw (140g)
0%0mgblackberry, canned, heavy syrup pack, solids an... (150ml)
0%0mgcherry, sour, red, raw (140g)
0%0mgcherry, sour, red, canned, water pack, solids a... (150ml)
0%0mgcherry, sweet, raw (140g)
0%0mgcherry, sweet, canned, water pack, solids and l... (150ml)
0%0mgblackcurrant (140g)
0%0mgzante currants (40g)
0%0mgfig, dried, uncooked (40g)
0%0mgfruit cocktail (peach, pear, apricot, pineapple... (150ml)
0%0mgfruit salad (peach, pear, apricot, pineapple, c... (150ml)
0%0mggooseberry raw (140g)
0%0mggrapefruit, pink or red, all areas, raw (140g)
0%0mggrapefruit juice, canned, sweetened (250ml)
0%0mggrape, north american type (slip skin), raw (140g)
0%0mggrape juice, canned or bottled (250ml)
0%0mgguava (140g)
0%0mgkiwifruit (140g)
0%0mgkumquat (140g)

Abstract (Foods quantities are per portion)
Top Cholesterol Rich Foods
12520%2504mglamb brain (100g)
10600%2120mgveal brain (100g)
3955%791mgveal kidney (100g)
2825%565mglamb kidney (100g)
2465%493mglamb liver (100g)
2425%485mgveal liver (100g)
2400%480mgpork kidneys (100g)
2395%479mghard roe (100g)
2110%422mgquail egg (50g)
1850%370mgchicken gizzard (100g)
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